Why Visiting these 6 European Countries Should be a Must

Even though I would love to visit Europe, sadly I cannot afford it at the moment (working on that), but when I do go, there are a couple of places that I would like to visit, such as Scotland, Iceland, Spain, France, among others so many others. Call me a cliché but those places are always on my list, at the very top, the rest of Europe will still be there, and I will go to all those wonderful places one day.

As a little tease about what you will see in the upcoming weeks in months on this blog, you can take a look at the countries that have become the primary focus in my travel list. Of these 6 countries, you can take your pick of incredible places to see and delicious food to eat if you find that we have similar taste in traveling than I would like to hear about it.


Scotland I must admit is a recent like but it has captured my attention like no other country before. The main attractions in it would be: walking through Edinburgh, paying a quick visit to Glasgow, sightseeing the beauties in Skye, learning and seeing the history in Inverness. I know you must be thinking about the Outlander fan that I have inside, and it is true that this was one of the reasons why I started looking into Scotland as a travel option but after seeing the photos I was simply hooked.


The art in Spain is great, the architecture can make you look like a fool as your neck hurt from so much looking up, but the food and the music are also great reasons to visit this country. Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, and Seville are main things to do in Spain, but turn around for a moment and end up in Granada, where you can find such wonderful things, like the Court of the Lions which essentially is a palace and one that you can imagine yourself living in, there is also the Palace of Charles V, so you can really feel like Spanish royalty walking around these places. I personally would love it.


This one for me is a little bit more about fashion and all the pasta you can eat, but it is still so beautiful. Just a couple of days ago I was staring at some pictures about Venice and was trying not to think too much about how I really want to go on a Gondola ride while there, this is seriously one of those things you have to do in your life before you die. Of course, Rome and Florence should be included in your itinerary when planning your trip to Italy but don’t forget about Venice for one second.

gondola italy venice
Gondolas – Italy


Iceland, I do not know much about the country other than it is incredibly cold, the landscapes are amazing, and that Vikings are part of the main history. The fact that I know less about the country than the rest does not mean that it is not still on my list, since you can find yourself enjoying a cold beach or two, seeing some icebergs and finally understanding just how cold it was the night of the Titanic. The Viking history and the Blue Lagoon which is why some visit Iceland can be found in Reykjavik, if you feel like you are speaking with a Dothraki accent when pronouncing those names, then I am not alone anymore.


Paris, the city of Mouline Rouge, you probably thought I was going to say “the city of love” but no, I rather go see a play here, even if it is in French and all I know in French is: Je m’appel, Je Suis, Bonjour, Bonsoir, and a couple of sentences that would not save my life but would lead to a toilet or to the next street. The Louvre is a must for me, the rest can wait, like Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris, Arc de Triomphe, which I have all intention of visiting.


And now we go the Greek people, of which I know that the food should be great, and I have tasted it but once while in Bogotá, Colombia, where there was a little Greek Restaurant, as far as I knew the owner was from this faraway land so I am guessing the food was authentic. While in Greece, we should all take a ride and go to Santorini, it is supposed to be the most amazing thing with its beaches and volcanic views, that must be something. Athens, of course, it is not even in question why you should go there, ancient Acropolis and Pantheon, going back hundreds of years. I recently learned about Mykonos, which is supposed to provide a cool nightlife as well as sandy beaches.

Santorini – Greece

And that is it, those 6 European Countries should be on anyone’s list, of course, if you are traveling from very far away you will need a visa for most of them, but the hustle of getting it should be more than worth it. I would like to visit and live in Scotland for some time, afterwards move on to the next city or country; do not think for a moment that England is not a place I would like to go with its theatres and castles and way of life, it is very tempting but let us not get carried away first things first, you visit what you love the most then you move on to the others, what if you run out of money and cannot go the place you intended all your life? That is something to consider.

Now, this is just to start off and set everything in motion here, I hope you enjoyed the post and that you will come back when I have more to show you if you want to read about a specific place let me know. Enjoy the rest of your day, and always remember this simple word: Travel.

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