3 Things to Do in Toronto during Christmas

2018 Christmas is just around the corner, and there are so many places we would like to be, so many things we can see, the outdoorsy type would love to go climb or sky, those with a passion for books would like to go someplace warm with a hot chocolate to keep us company (I include myself in this party), others would simply love to go and see, anything, and that is an excellent choice as well, but if you are in Toronto or nearby it this December, then there are 3 things you can do there that will definitely be worth your time.

If you are in Canada with your family or alone for the holidays, it does not matter you still can enjoy some of these.

Santa Claus Parade

The Santa Claus Parade has been a yearly-tradition for over 100 years, on this day you can see people in costumes, drink delicious hot chocolate while watching the parade, listen to marching bands playing carols or classic songs.

You can definitely expect some of these things: 100 Celebrity Clowns, 20+ Floats with different themes, 20+ Bands, over 1500 volunteers, and of course Santa. But by the time Santa Claus makes his appearance you might be a little tired, seeing as there is so much going on before the big finale.


Toronto Christmas Market

Before or after watching the Parade, we head out onto the market, the Toronto Christmas Market that is, one that has been categorized as one of the world’s best Christmas markets in past years, so you can expect to be as good in 2018.

You can listen to traditional music and Christmas carols while walking down the aisles, watch dance performances, bring the little ones to the carousel or into the life-sized gingerbread house. The market has it all, including delicious food as well as warm and cold brews.   

Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

This one if more of a go see and participate in someone’s else life kind of thing, the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train has raised millions of $$ since 1999 for those needed during the holidays, you are encouraged to go and either donate money or food when you see the train approaching.

This year’s Train departed on November 25 and will be traveling around the north American countries with stops in N.Y, Quebec and Southern Ontario, among other cities. If you find yourself in its way (not literally) then be sure to be ready to make some donations.


That is it, we have reached the end of our short list of things to do in Toronto, but there are many other places to see and sights to enjoy, so make sure to share your insights with those of us, who are only dreaming of going. I hope you enjoy your adventures this Christmas.

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