The 7 Main Locations of The Andean Mountains

Have you ever heard of The Andes? The Andean Mountains? If you have then you know they are the cold, high and beautiful mountains in South America. The ones that can be so cold you will think you are in the Alps or get an idea of what it would be like to be high in those European mountains.

But where are they? These mountains are in the south of America, and they are by far the longest continental mountain range, distributed in 7 countries of this part of the world, which of course I am about to name, so you will be sure to visit or stay away from (if you do not like the cold). They look great in a postcard though and the shots that can be taken from atop are just amazing. Here are the countries where you can find them.


If you are passing by Colombia, then this is one of the things you cannot miss while there. I will name 7 of each country though in some there are many more. The Peaks to look for in Colombia are as follow

Colombia’s Peaks

  • Nevado del Ruiz
  • Pico Pan de Azucar
  • Nevado del Cumbal
  • Cerro Negro de Mayasquer
  • Santa Isabel
  • Galeras
  • Azufral


Beautiful mountains, in the south and in the Andean region of the country. This is one thing that cannot change about the country.

Venezuela’s Peaks

  • Pico El Águila
  • Pico El Toro
  • Pico Bolívar
  • Pico Humbolt
  • Pico Bonpland
  • Pico Piedras Blancas
  • Pico El León
Pico Humboldt


One of the countries with an active stratovolcano in it. None the less it has wonderful views.

Ecuador’s Peaks

  • Cayambe
  • El Altar
  • Pichincha
  • Quilotoa
  • Tungurahua
  • Corazón
  • Antisana


Bolivia also shares mountains with Chile. But the ones from this country which we should add to our list of mountains are as follow.

Bolivia’s Peaks

  • Illampu
  • Janq’u Uma
  • Cabaraya
  • Laram Q’awa
  • Nevado Sajama
  • Patilla Pata
  • Chacaltaya
Chacaltaya Summmit


Peru has quite a lot of peaks to its name some of which are really snowy, and you might want to avoid if snow is definitely something you prefer to stay far away from when traveling. The first three here are the snowiest ones.

Peru’s Peaks

  • Alpamayo
  • Huandoy
  • Yerupaja
  • Coropuna
  • El Toro
  • Sarapo
  • Siula Grande


Once in Argentina we can see the highest mountain in this continent. This country is known mostly for its winters, where everything is white and perfect, according to tourists. Some of the mountains in it are these ones.

Argentina’s Peaks

  • Aconcagua
  • Galán
  • Pissis
  • Cerro Bonete
  • Aracar
  • Cerro Solo
  • Reclus
Andes Mountains. Border Chile and Argentina.


The final one, Chile with the highest count of mountains, either sharing credits with another or on its own, the list is quite extent so I will try to select the best peaks.

Chile’s Peaks

  • Tacora
  • Isluga
  • Acamarachi
  • Cerro de los Inocentes
  • Tolhuaca
  • Villarrica
  • Aguilera

The border between Argentina and Chile, as well the one between Bolivia and Chile, share mountains like: Iru Phutunqu (Bolivia – Chile), or Cerro Escorial (Argentina – Chile). As you can see there are many, many peaks in this side of the world, which is why it is no surprise that this is the biggest continental mountain range in the world.

Tolhuaca Peak.

I hope this inspires the traveler in you and you wish you could visit some of these mountains even if to see them from a distance. I sure want to visit one day. Make sure you enjoy every one of your adventures to the fullest.

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