Intro: Enjoy traveling in a short time

What is this about?

If you are wondering what is this whole thing about one week and the world, then let me explain real quick. I like to travel, I love being in one place one day and across the country on the next, if only there was a portal that could make the trip instantly (*sigh*), yet, I travel as frequently as I can (or when there is enough money to do so) but I like traveling for a week, a weekend is fine, three days is alright but a week gives you more time, it is as simple as that, if your pocket can afford it, give yourself that treat, trust me it will be worth it.

That is what this blog is about, traveling to a new destination, visiting a city or country for a week or less, preferably a week but you have to make do sometimes. What about my job? Yes, that is the tricky part, you will have to have a job that allows you to travel and work at the same time, or ask for vacations in your regular office job for a whole week but I guess that can be done only once or twice a year, either way you have to plan, right? And that is one of the reasons I am here, to help you decide.

Museo Botero, Bogotá

I am also here to simply share my experiences out there, what I saw, where I went, where I would like to go, what I would love to see, it will be a little mix of everything. I hope you enjoy the blog as I build it post by post, some of the photos will be from my own personal archives and some found online, so do not be shocked when you see them someplace else. That’s it.

Read and enjoy the short travels, they are very much worth it.

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