8 Wonderful Christmas Photos from Asia

Are you there yet? In the place where you will be staying during the holidays? If you are spending your Christmas vacations faraway from home but still have some time and money to spare than there are 8 places in Asia that should consider, of course any country, any city will have their thing, Toronto has some to offer, in Inverness you will surely find something exciting to do, or in South America perhaps there will be a mountain to climb, but if you are in Asia, then these countries should be in your travel list.

I found these 8 photos while looking for Asia, and let us say that they got my attention enough to pass them on to you. Enjoy.

Hong Kong

Starting at Hong Kong, which is part of China but it is still pretty much an autonomous region.



Then we move onto the Philippines and be amazed by all the pretty decorations.



We arrive at Tokyo and start feeling the Japanese in us coming forward to enjoy all the traditions, if you want to stay in one place, I would choose this one.



In Bali we head over to the beaches to later enjoy the night lights.



Laos has many beautiful landmarks that we cannot miss during the day.



If you touch ground here around the end of the year, then the Vietnamese New Year (Tét) celebrated from Day 1 of the last lunar month to Day 5 of the first lunar month, is what you will find and enjoy while in Vietnam.



If you were in India for the Festival of Lights then you know how awesome it can be to be in this country for a holiday.



And finally Malaysia, where you will find more than a few festivals from different Religions, but if you are interested solely on celebrating Christmas then you have that one as well here.


And that is it, we have traveled through 8 Asian countries and regions and seen what it would look like to celebrate the holidays in each. If you are there or plan to go to Asia, then do not be shy and let me know.

Enjoy the Adventures even if it is for only a week.

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