7 Castles in Ireland to Visit

I do not know if you have been to my Pinterest but I love Castles, I have a board dedicated to them there Castles of The World, and since I absolutely would love to live in a castle or castle-like house, than I decided to begin a little series dedicated to the beautiful, historical and incredible Castles all around the world, starting with Ireland.

I hope you enjoy this one.

7 Castles in Ireland

Alright, so I was not sure how many Castles to present to you, travelers but since a week has seven days, then that seems a pretty good for now. There are many, many, many Castles in Ireland and choosing these 7 was not easy, though I do hope you like and consider visiting them.

Cabra Castle

A castle in County Cavan. Presently a hotel. From the 18-19 Centuries.

Cloughoughter Castle

Dating back to 1233. It is sadly in ruins.


Bunratty Castle

Location: N18 road between Limerick and Ennis, near Shannon Town and its airport. It is considered more a tower house than a castle.

bunratty castle-3-ireland

Inchiquin Castle

Castle ruins. On the North side of “Lake Inchiquin”. Dates back to the middle 1400’s.

 castle ireland 4 inchquin

Belvelly Castle

15th Century tower house, possibly 14th. During 19th century it was already in ruins. In the last couple of years it was sold and will be used as a private home.


Blarney Castle

In Irish: Caisleán na Blarnan. Original structure: 1210. Current structure: 1446. This is the castle with a very special stone which will bring eloquence to whomever kisses it.


Kanturk Castle

Open to the public, admission free.


“This building is an interesting combination of the traditional Irish tower-house architecture with pointed arches and the new Tudor architecture with Renaissance doorways and mullioned windows.”

And I am done for the moment. Have you been to Ireland? This is one of those destinations in Europe I am dying to see, like Iceland, Scotland, Italy, Germany, Inverness, though that falls into Scotland but that is how much I want to go. I hope you enjoyed this one and dedicate at least a day of the week to each of these castles in Ireland. Enjoy the adventure!

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