6 Things to Know about Santorini

What is it about colourful landmarks? Could it be that seeing them from afar makes you want to pull out a camera and start taking pictures like crazy? Or perhaps it reminds us of something, a forgotten memory from our childhood when everything was full of colour, whatever it is, Santorini is one of those places, at least for most of us this is the case and if you start searching for images of the place you might find yourself thinking “I want to go there”. 

Of course once you start searching for things to do in Santorini, you might discover a couple of interesting facts that might make you reconsider going, this is not about dissuading from going but discovering that a volcano is close by or that the place used to be a full circle and islets that are at the edges of it, suggest that most of it sunk in the water, than you might find yourself wanting to go even more either for history or wanting to spend just one day there and then moving moving on quickly to other European countries that are less trilling but for the moment, lets begin with this group of Islands, learning 10 things about Santorini before exploring it first hand.

Group of Islands

Santorini has its history like no other, one that those with a passion for all beautiful and old things will enjoy, the Island classically known as Thera is part of the Cyclades at least on the south part of this group of islands in the Aegean Sea. If you love to travel to places where everywhere you turn there is a piece of the ocean staring back at you then this is definitely one of those top places, you can be sure that at some point the fact that the island was probably a full circle will became very clear, photos cannot describe the awesomeness of the islands surrounding you.

Active Volcano

Do not be scared by the prospect of a volcano in your way. This is a known fact about this group of islands, that is that there is an active volcano there and as an added bonus is in the sea, actually all the islands that are now Santorini were not there until violent eruptions every 20,000 years, give or take, occurred and produced what with know as Thera. Of course the last big and important eruption that happened there was over 3,600 years ago, one that destroyed the prehistoric life in Thirassiá, Thíra and Asproníssi. However there has been some volcanic activity in the area, the last one occurring in the 50’s but according to all in the country there is no reason not to visit, and who are we to disagree?


Link to Athens

If you feel like going to Santorini but not staying there for the whole weekend or week then you are in luck, a ferry comes and goes frequently connecting you with Athens, it heads for the city’s main port in Piraeus. Of course there is also the airport but the sea might appeal more if you want to continue exploring and sightseeing while on the go.

Deep Blue Waters

Enjoy and bask in the sun in some of the best beaches on this side of the world, this is probably one of the reasons why we decide to go to the islands, the deep blue waters with sands that go from red to black to white make of the volcanic beaches the best places to be while on vacation.

Archaeological Villages

If you love to go to places with deep importance in history then some of the villages in the island are specially designed for you. They are small and sometimes forgotten but their archeological value stays the same, the top ones that tend to attract the tourist are these two.

  • Akrotíri: This possesses an ancient city that has turned the village into the Pompeii of the Aegean Sea. Remember the volcano which heart is in the sea near the area? This is what happens when it goes erupting many times over thousand of years.
  • Méssa Vounó: The other small gem in Santorini, was the sole urban center of the island for a time, what’s more the natural rock formation of it also made it a perfect fortress for the Lacedaemonian colonisers.

Either of these two has its own archeological value, one that we cannot miss when traveling to this group of islands. So much to see so little time.


Romance to be Found

The romance, the love in the air, the fresh air that inspires many to be in an amorous mood, this is one of the favourite spots for those in love, and why not? With the wine-tasting, the beautiful sights, the incredible sunsets, and the long walks you can take with your better-half or soon to be one, this is one of the top destinations when it comes to celebrating weddings but the honeymooners can also found it a great spot to begin their new life.

No matter the reason you decide to go to Santorini, there is something you need to do while there, visit the beaches! Enjoy the clear waters and relax at a hotel while the sun goes down in the horizon, making you see a side of the world that will be difficult to forget. And after you are done with the islands and the volcano, continue your journey to the rest of Greece, it is sure to be an enjoyable voyage.


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