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5 Cities to Visit in Romania

Normally when you hear Romania, what do you think about? I think about The Carpathian Mountains, that is because I have heard about them in books and thought the place would be fascinated to be but most people think about this country and the first thing that comes to their minds is Transylvania, Dracula, Vampires, this is thanks, in most part, to the fictional world and how it has transformed the place.

Though Transylvania has an important part in the history of this European country, today is not the day to talk about it, today it is all about another 5 places in Romania that we can visit and still enjoy beautiful sightings while enjoying a wonderful time, even if it is just for a short time. Here they are, the 5 cities to visit in Romania.


The town of Sulina in the County of Tulcea works as free port to the county, this place can be found in the east side of Romania. It has a couple of landmarks you cannot miss while traveling through it.

  • Sulina Old Lighthouse, located: Strada II 354, Sulina 825400, it was built in the 19th century and converted to a museum in 2003. You can get to it by ship.
  • Cosmopolitan Cemetery, you probably cannot miss it just ask for the cemetery, even if this is not the ideal place to visit in a town you cannot help but wonder about the history of it, Sulina used to be a marina and many passed through there, as such you will find Greek princes bury at this cemetery and a Princess named Catherine Moruzi, she was related to the Prince of Moldavia.
Oradea – Romania


Leaving the east behind we move into the city of Oradea in the northwest of Romania, the river Crișul Repede divides the place. The architecture of this city is the first thing you will notice upon arrival, which the Austro-Hungarian empire left behind for us to enjoy. The two things about Oradea we could pick to visit are a park and a Synagogue.

  • Aquapark Nymphaea, location: Aleea Ștrandului 13 B, an aquatic amusement park with inside and outside pools to choose from as well as large slides for those who love the thrill.
  • Neolog Synagogue Sion, location: Strada Independenței 8, this old Synagogue was built back in 1878 after the Jewish community of the city divided into Orthodox Jews and Congress Jews. You cannot go inside the building unless you have requested to do so, since the Synagogue is not functional but if you find the permission then you will get to enjoy the wonderful Eclectic Style of it from the inside and outside.


This one we know as the capital of Romania located in the south of the country, it is also known as its commercial center. There are various important and beautiful landmarks to visit while in Bucharest like the Palace of Parliament or the open air Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum but those are among the first to pop when searching for the city, I will mention another two that you can visit.

  • Romanian Athenaeum, location: Strada Benjamin Franklin 1-3, we just need to go to the center of the city and be amazed by the domed building there, it first opened its door in 1888. The main facts related to it are the George Enescu music festival celebrated annually, and that the “George Enescu” Philharmonic claims it as its home concert hall.
  • Cișmigiu Park, location: Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta, now for the lovers of nature there is the incredible Cișmigiu Gardens or Park, the perfect place to enjoy the best traditional food, the local drinks or just enjoy the English-style garden or the boating lake in it. If you like to go out at night then you might want to stay around for more than a day near these beautiful gardens.
Bran Castle – Romania


The commune of Bran, maybe not a city but an important part in the County of Brașov with wonderful landmarks for those that like a bit of magic and follow the trip to Romania because of the Vampires, that’s right, you have a great historical Castle and horrific entertainment Castle in this commune.

  • Bran Castle, location: Strada General Traian Moșoiu 24, this medieval Castle is one of the main reasons why tourist go to Bran, this is due to its likeness to the home of Count Dracula, but if that is not reason enough to visit then the architecture of the place should be sufficient to go and visit for a day.
  • The Castle of Horror, location: Strada General Traian Moșoiu 502A, now for the entertainment while traveling, visit this vampire-themed castle and feel like you have gone back in time or at least get a good scare.


Last but not least is Suceava, the largest city you will find in the country, more specifically in north-eastern Romania. The city of Suceava is one of the oldest and back in the day while many other regions in the country were conquered by the Roman Empire this was not, making it one of the main area of the Free Dacian tribes. These are the two places I would put in my list to visit when in town.

  • Saint John the New Monastery, location: Strada Ion Vodă Viteazul 2, an important historical monument and one of the eight churches of Moldavia that belong to the UNESCO World Heritage. You will definitely want to see a place like it.
  • Fortress of Suceava, location: Aleea Cetății, a 14th century structure that lasted three centuries, since it was destroyed in the 17th century. A more accurate name or description would be the Restored Fortress of Suceava, this is perhaps the main place to be visit while in the city, it is the first thing that you will stumble upon when planning your trip online.
Fortress of Suceava – Romania

That is it, those are the 5 cities in Romania we should be writing down in our bucket lists for the country, though there are many other wonderful places to visit here, perhaps you would not have thought about this one and what they have to offer. Until our next trip, all the links you need are on the sides. And do not forget to enjoy the ride even if it is just for a week.


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