4 Restaurants in Madrid, Spain

If you only have 4 days in Madrid or if you are staying for a long period but do not know where to go every day, then these four restaurants might be life-savers when in the city. Traveling for less than a week can be tricky, specially when there is so much to see but sometimes a few days is all you have before going back to the day to day routine.

Let us enjoy some of the best food in the city before continuing to the other wonderful European cities, here are 4 restaurants to visit in Madrid, which hopefully will give us a true taste of the culture of the country as well as different ways of making international dishes.

La Perejila

Located at Calle Cava Baja 25, this traditional place is always full with locals trying out the tapas and enjoying the old style decor of the place. If you want to make it inside you have to get there in time, since it is that popular and the restaurant can be quite crowded.


Located at Calle Cuchilleros, 17. Sobrino de Botín, the restaurant that has been around for over 200 hundred years, making it the oldest not only in Europe but in the planet too. Being around for that long, since 1725, you can expect the food to be top notch and while it is always full, the wait might be one of the best things you could do while in Madrid.



Located at Calle de Meléndez Valdés, 54. Nakeima is even more difficult to get into than La Perejila, here you must come a couple of hours before you are ready to eat and try to make it to the list before anyone snatches your spot, then go enjoy the surroundings until you can come in to enjoy the delicious looking food, the Asian food.


Located at Carrera de San Jerónimo, 34, if you are staying in the Hotel Urban then you are steps away from this new place, since 2016 Cebo has been delighting its customers with their exquisite cuisine, which can be à la carte or chosen from the menu, either way you can be certain the experience will be like no other.


Have you ever been to Madrid? This is my first stop when traveling to Europe, afterwards it will come many others like Inverness, Santorini, Romania, Ireland, sometimes it is a whole country, sometimes just a city, it all depends on time and sometimes budget.

If you know any of these places let others know, if you hope to visit them someday then share your thoughts on it, either way I hope you liked it and that you come back for more.

Enjoy the adventures.

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