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3 Cities in Belgium we should Visit

Going back to Europe. That is if you were in Asia or North America then you will be returning, or if you are visiting for the first time and are wondering where to go, then perhaps this will help. Visiting Belgium is something all of us must do when taking an European Tour but most will mention only the capital, which is why I decided that there must be more to it than Brussels and we should see more of this beautiful country.

These 3 cities in Belgium were chosen completely at random, I will not deny it, but they did caught my eye and seem to be interesting enough for travelers, as many cities do from the outside. This is what I learned.

3 Cities in Belgium


To the Northwest of the country we will find Ghent, a port city, which is located between the rivers: Scheldt and Leie. The medieval architecture of the place is just one of the things that makes it interesting. It has been standing since the Middle Ages, but today is known as a university town as well for its cultural attractions.

Main Attractions

  • Gravensteen Castle.
  • The Graslei, a row of guildhalls in the harbor of river Leie.
  • Romanesque-Gothic St. Bavo’s Cathedral.


Another port city but only on the side of the River Scheldt. As Ghent, Antwerp is also an ancient city. The houses in the middle of the city are centuries-old and are the homes of diamond cutters, traders and polishers.

Main Attractions

  • Grote Markt
  • Rubens House
Antwerp belgium


Finally we go to Ostend, in the coast of Belgium. The beaches are the prominent aspect of the city, along with the ‘Mercator’, a 1930’s ship which acts as a floating museum. You have a bit of Gothic style in the buildings, and you can enjoy yourself in the marina or with the art, you have some options when you are not at the beach.

Main Attractions

  • St. Peter & St. Paul Churches
  • Fort Napoleon

This quick trip through Belgium should leave us time to go to the Capital if we wished to do that or we could move on to other cities and countries like Greece, visiting Santorini would not be so bad since we already are in Europe and close to the beach.


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